Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I work as per the Eastern Time Zones, so you will never have trouble communicating with me as per your time schedules.
  2. I have been working with international businesses since 2015, so I understand the needs and requirements of the expected quality quite well.
  3. I have ran my own backpacker's hostel and hosted traveler's from over 100 countries so I can put myself into the feet of others with ease.
  4. If Tech-Giants like Google, Microsoft and Adobe can trust Indians to make them their CEO's - I bet you can trust me enough to generate more leads for you.

YES, YOU CAN. From the back-end you can easily modify the pricing of the estimation engine as per your services and need.

I don't like to take a piece of someone's else's hard earned money. I DO NOT CHARGE any commissions on the leads or on the sales.

I believe in actions and make my work speak for me. This is why I'm able to provide a full-refund guarantee if I don't succeed to help you out. Working in the industry of Internet Marketing for over 7 years have given me some golden nuggets about the tactics that REALLY WORK. And most importantly, I take care that you're having a great time and don't mind to share my knowledge with you.

It depends upon your expectations and budget. But on average, 1-2 weeks is a good time for you to see SOLID RESULTS coming in. Also, if you let us help your business with our web-app tailored for roofing clients only, the results will be massive.

The best part of Internet Marketing over the traditional print advertising is that, on the Internet - you can MEASURE RESULTS. Which is not possible with your newspapers or billboards ad. You will see live, how we are targeting audience nearby your town and the only those people interested in the roofing service.

Having your own estimation web app for your services gives you an upper hand over your competitors. And also, you filter out the unwanted needs and automates the process of sending estimation and scheduling a meeting. The web app automatically saves homeowner's information on the CRM and you can connect with him very easily. In future we can send them emails about our services and offers to generate future leads. Interesting isn't it?