How to Grow Your Business Online During Lockdown

How to Grow Your Business Online During Lockdown

No doubt because of all this Corona and Lockdown, lots of businesses are suffering. But this pandemic has brought a lot of good things along, some businesses have seen blessings in disguise.

For example, when brick and mortar stores were suffering meanwhile the home-delivery grocery apps expanded their business by multiple folds, Valuation of Zoom has grown to over 40 Billion USD, Amazon has seen speedy growth in the demands in multiple countries and so on.

So the thing is, the Internet can be really useful – once you know how to use it for your local business. Earlier, people use to think of the Internet as a place to listen to music or watch movies or at max, send business emails. Now things are changing, from doing office work at home through the internet or by enrolling in a knitting workshop online, the demand for online services and products have grown.

Here I’m sharing some tips for you to use the Internet to its maximum potential and make the best out of this Lockdown period.

  1. Get a Website if you haven’t.
    It’s very important to have an online presence. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on getting a website, just DO-IT-YOURSELF. A website establishes your identity in this virtual-global-workspace i.e., Internet. You can use WordPress, Squarespace or WebFlow or Hire Web Design Freelancers to do it for you.
  2. Start using Social Media
    Use whatever mediums you can. Reach out to people. The more people see the more people buy. No matter what you do, join relevant communities. The world is weird and so it the internet, you can find a market of anything and everything on the Internet.
    While promoting, make sure you don’t spam. Do it in a way, where you provide value to the users as well.
  3. Start producing content.
    In any form, in any style.. just start doing it already. May it be Youtube Videos or articles on your website or posting information on a forum. JUST DO IT. Don’t wait. This lockdown can make or break things for you.
    Somebody has said it if you want to catch the cat.. don’t run after it.. get what the cats want (food) and the cat will be chasing after you.
    Once you start putting out valuable content on this Internet, you’ll start to attract people who will be interested in them.

If you’re waiting for all this to be over, you better not. Because once this all will be over, the ‘normal’ will be changed. The things that made our life easier, like – Work from home, online conferences, Virtual classrooms and workshops… all this will stay with us now.

Tech Giant Facebook has said, half of their employees will be doing work-from-home within the next 5-10 years. Twitter CEO also made a remark recently that, their employees can work from home ‘forever’. Don’t you think, all this will be our NEW-NORMAL?

In some time, Corona and all these issues will be gone, the economy will revive and we won’t be forced to maintain social distancing but what won’t be changed is the new face of the Internet that we have seen lately.

With this boom in the Internet usage, Users and Businesses… if you don’t get with the flow.. you might be blown. Adapt the internet as per your business needs or you will be regretting when it will be too late.

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