Basics of SEO for Local Business Owners

Basics of SEO for Local Business Owners

We all want to rank our site on the first page of Google on top. But for that, we have to do On-page and off-page SEO. One of the biggest mistake of the Small Business Owner is that they thought they do not need SEO.

Don’t do that. SEO is the most important part for online success if you are the Small business owner or Local Business owner.

If you does not optimized your site yet then Don’t worry. Here I will tell you some of the most important factors for Search Engine Optimization for your small business.

What is SEO?

The SEO stands of Search Engine Optimization this will help our site to rank on the first page of Google on any specific keywords.

The SEO is starts with the thought of Keyword. There are many online tools with the help of these tools you can find a best Keyword. Like or Google Keyword Planner.

Must choose a keyword which has Low Competition and have Good search volume.

After finding keyword just optimize them with your article. Put it in your meta heading, description, H1-H6 tags.

Ranking of your post on Google will take some months so you must have patient.


The SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page you may noticed that Google has too many pages 1 to 100 or more. The all pages Google which showing you on the keyword which you entered on the Search Bar. But, if your site is coming on the next on 2nd , 3rd page or after it then it has less chance that user will click on it.

Ask yourself have you ever visit to 2nd or 3rd page of Google? No, you not because we already get the result on 1st page.

So, if your site is visible on the first page then it has more chance that the user will click on it and has high conversion rate. The SEO and SERP are interrelated. If you are success in SERP then there are more chance you will success.

Number of Keywords on a Page

You can use as many keywords you want to use there is no limit for keywords. But don’t do the overuse of keywords it is ok that if you use a keyword on one page 3-5 times it is okay and good for your user.

Because Google bots scan your site pages, if the find a word mentioned too many times then they feel something wrong.

Remember that when you write article first optimize it for you user and then optimize it for Search Engines. Your content must be good readable and it should not look and or overuse of keywords.

Why SEO?

Yes the answer is that:

SEO is the thing which make your content visible on Internet for right peoples and does not require any money. If your content once ranked on Google then there is more chances that you will get too many clicks. The SEO helps you to grow your business.

Just think if SEO is not there then when we search anything on Google we does not find anything on it. Due to SEO only we are able to search on Google.

When you search anything thank to Google.

How SEO Works?

The Google and Bing scans millions of pages daily of existing websites and the new websites. If you have written article on any “Digital Marketing product” the bots will scan it and if they find many words related to digital marketing product then it will put your blog on the Digital Marketing category.

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