Increasing Conversion Rates of a Local Business Website?

Increasing Conversion Rates of a Local Business Website?

If your website has a good amount of traffic but it does not have good conversion rate then there is no profit to have visitors. Because if you are getting traffic on your web but you are not getting any revenue and the users are not doing any purchase then your site conversion rate is low. The average conversion rate of websites in 3%.

So, today I will give you some tips on how you can Increase the conversion rates for your websites.

1. Add Countdown Clock On Your Website

Add a countdown clock on your web which is accurately shows when the offer is going to end. If you add the countdown clock on your website then you will notice the more number of conversions on your website. Our friend Neil Patel has added Countdown clock on his website and after that he noticed 11% increase in conversions.

2. Use a Simple Video To Humanize Your Brand

Make a simple video and put in your site landing page to show the real person behind your brand.

3. Include Number of Product Left

If you have the really good product then include the number of products left now. For example add “Only 3 Left” This idea also increase conversion rate.

4. Give Exact Information Of Your Product

Tell exact information to your visitors that what they are exactly going to get. Like, What the benefit and features they will get, How the product will be delivered? What are the best benefits?

5. Use best and high Quality Images

If you are using blur image or bad quality image then it give negative impact to your customers. So, try to use high quality images which is showing your product clear. Otherwise it will send wrong message for that product.

6. Use Chat Tool

Use a live chat tool which helps your customer to ask any question related to your services or related to your product. I think if your website has chat support then peoples will trust on your website.

7. Give Call-To-Action Button

Yes, if your site has this call-to-action feature also. Then it will also increase your conversion rate. Because the customers can solve their query on call with customer care.

According to me these seven points are best for your site to increase conversion rate of your website.


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